Structural Steel has been evolving since the late 1800's and is now a cost leader in the Building Industry.  While steel can cost more per pound, there are a ton of amazing benefits that building with steel can offer to reduce overall construction costs. According to recent studies, one of the great economic benefits of building with steel is the speed of construction. Often times construction can be accelerated due to the simplicity of the design, fabrication, and erection process.  This means lower labor costs and increased revenue from expeditious tenure. Other studies have shown that building with steel can lower the overall foundation costs for a project due to the higher strength-to-weight ratio of this material. While there are other great reasons to choose Structural Steel for your building,  our favorite benefit of steel is that its content is 100% recyclable.  The amount of steel recycled each year is astonishing to say the least.  The United States alone recycles somewhere around 60 Million Metric Tons of Steel each year; that is 132 Billion Pounds!